The big audio post I’ve been working on is a bit of a continuation from the other 2 that we’ve done before. I hope you like it.

The Security Guard is Hootey from Vinesauce

The Phone Guy is litterbot

Freddy is themrcreepypasta

Bonnie is creepypastajr

Chica is trinathewolf

Foxxy is wellheyproductions

Other Audios are

The Freddy Fazbear Band

The Bite of 87’

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History Meme | 2/8 Objects: 1920’s Dresses

1920’s Dresses were lighter and brighter and shorter than ever before. Fashion designers played with fabric colors, textures and patterns to create totally new styles of dress. Evening dresses, coats and jackets were often trimmed with fur. Hemlines rose for most of the decade but dropped slightly toward the end. Shoes and stockings assumed a greater prominence now that they were more visible. Silk stockings in all the colors of the rainbow, often with patterns, were designed to match the coordinated outfits of stylish women. (x)

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Can choose between Misty Day or Rubber Man

Winner will be picked on September 10.

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DIY Egg Free Safe to Eat Cookie Dough Recipe from Artsy Fartsy Mama. Have you ever had food poisoning? A friend of mine almost died from it - fruit salad left out too long at an upscale NYC takeout place. I will never eat raw cookie dough with eggs and even the frozen cookie dough warns you about food poisoning. This is why I love this recipe.



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This Plastic Spoon Pineapple Lamp is So Amazing


To make this pineapple lamp first of all you have to cut the stems of the plastic spoons. Once the stems are removed paint the tops with yellow acrylic paint. Then cut the neck and bottom of a plastic bottle and start gluing the top part of the spoons to the bottle starting from the bottom till top. Once all the glued spoon tops are dried make the top of the pineapple with green paper. When the pineapple is ready fix the bulb of the lamp and voila! This lamp will look beautiful in your or kids bedroom. Find out more details at craft foxes. Happy crafting!

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DIY Plastic Spoon Luminaire
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Cute creepy things for you

Oh my god! Where are these from?

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Forcing yourself to work on something that you have no real motivation for


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Polygons measuring spoon

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i would have no use for this

there’s not a reason in the world i could ever come up with to use this product

but i want it

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